Leadership through Permission - Giving

Ministry Teams and Functional Areas

Zion United Methodist Church, West Walworth, NY is a permission-giving church led by a Leadership Council encouraging people to use their gifts where they feel led.  There are no committees or committee chairs.  Instead, there are Ministry Teams and Ministry Team leaders and members.  Each Ministry Team offers an open invitation for anyone to get involved as they feel called. The Leadership Council also encourages anyone to start a new Ministry in any area where they see a need and feel so led to use their gifts to begin a Ministry.  In addition, there are functional areas that are filled by gifted and dedicated people that round out the activities that keep us a vibrant and healthy small church – celebrating our core values of prayer, worship, music and missions.

Ministry Teams                                Ministry Team Leader*

Worship & Music Ministry                                                    Sharon Boyd

Prayer Ministry (includes 24-hour prayer line)                  Sharon Boyd & Jana Hodgkins

Christian Education Ministry                                                John Plotzker

Missions Ministry                                                                 Sharon Boyd

Gardening Ministry                                                                 Kathy Priest

Hospitality Ministry                                                                Jana Hodgkins & Sharon Boyd

Quilting Ministry (Rotaplast Partnership)                          Linda Saxton & Kim Valone

Library Ministry                                                                      Kim Valone

*Ministry Team Leaders plan, organize, facilitate, etc. and invite others to join them in carrying out various ministry tasks.

Functional Areas                          Contact Person

Treasurer                                                                          Bill Boyd

Financial Secretary                                                           Kathy Priest

Counting Team                                                                  Kathy Priest, Bill Boyd, Kim Valone, Linda Saxton

Building & Maintenance                                                     Bill Boyd, Dick Giles & Kevin Smith

Housekeeping                                                                    Carolyn Gregoire

Historian, Memorials & Membership                                  Kim Valone

PPRC                                                                                 John Plotzker

Lay Leader                                                                         Sharon Boyd

Lay Member to Conference                                               Lynn Saxton

Zion Women's Ministry                                                      Sharon Boyd

Women’s Christian Book Group                                         Sharon Boyd

Leadership Council Membership 

(note: the LC also serves as Trustees & Members of PPRC)

Boyd, Sharon

Giles, Dick                                                      

Saxton, Lynn  

Nowak, Pastor Jeffery                                  

Welker, Sally

Hodgkins, Jana

Plotzker, John

Valone, Kim

Pfeiffer, Paul

Merrill, Lida (Assistant to the Pastor)