Zion Women’s Ministry

Meeting Minutes

September 8, 2014


Sharing the spirit of mission with those who are in need by using the gifts and talents God has given us to minister to others as Jesus did.


Attendees:  Kim Comeau, Sharon Boyd, Peg Giles, Nancy Granger, Cynthia Goddard, Aimee Pfeiffer, Jana Hodgkins, Kathy Priest, Jane Rinsem, Linda Saxton, and Kim Valone.


Jana opened with a devotion and prayer.


Minutes of 5/12/14:  The May minutes were approved.


Financial Report


The current balance is $3,507.15


Checks written since the last meeting were: (a) 2 checks (Satres and Food Pantry) for our July – December pledges; and (b) checks to WCRM/Come-Unity Center. Home Meal Service, Lida (for her Guatemala mission trip), contribution to YouCaring (for Alissa Joy), and for the graduation reception.


We deposited $1,384.86 from the rummage and baked food sale.  This was $1.99 less than last year.  Jane then donated another $2.00!


Genesee Valley District UMW Pledge Request


The Genesee Valley District UMW has pledged $25,000 to the Upper New York Conference for 2015 and is asking UMW Units and/or churches to help them meet this goal.  After discussion, it was decided to again concentrate on donating to the many missions we support and not give through this venue.  It was mentioned that our church has paid 100% apportionments to conference for decades, and there is money there that supports various programs and missions.  Sharon will write a letter to the treasurer, letting them know we will not be contributing this year.


Eastern Service Workers Assoc.


Sharon passed around the ESW’s “Summer 2014 Sponsors Guide” so the women could see the various businesses and churches that support this organization.  Our church was listed, and we are the only church outside of Monroe County.  Our most recent donations were hygiene items.


WCRM/Come-Unity Center


Sharon read a thank-you from our most recent donation as well as some facts about the sale of their Main Street building.


There was discussion on becoming part of their Good Neighbor Plan.  For $100 a year they will publish our “business card” in their newsletter, which is published 5 times a year and read by 4000.  We voted to do this.  Sharon will follow through with submitting the business card and check.


Sharon also mentioned they will take any extra fruits or vegetables from our gardens.  Finally, they had a wish list for “pantry” items.  We authorized $100 for Kim Comeau to buy items on their list and then she’ll deliver them to the Center.


Red Bird Mission


A newsletter was passed around plus wish lists from their website.  After discussion, it was decided to send $100 now, indicating it to be used for school supplies; then we will sponsor a church-wide drive to collect Wal-Mart gift cards.  We will ask the congregation to have them to church (there will be a basket up front) no later than Sunday, November 2nd, and then we will mail them to the Red Bird Mission for their Christmas Giving program.  Sharon will have Pastor Todd include this in the bulletin.


Ontario Primary Outreach Project


Sharon received an email from Kathy King regarding the need that the Ontario Primary has for winter coats/snow pants/boots, etc.  She asked if we would be interested in being a “source” they could call if they don’t have what they need when a child needs an article of winter clothing.  We decided to collect “gently-used” winter clothing for children and to also be a source Kathy can call.  If we don’t have what they’re looking, we can purchase the needed item.  Sharon will reply to Kathy as well as have Pastor Todd put it in the bulletin.


We had offered to fill an unmet need for students at Freewill last year, but were never called.  Sharon reached out again this year to the school nurse to let her know we are still willing to help out if they need us.


Good Samaritan Clothing Closet


Kathy King contacted us to help with the Fall clean-up.  Sharon will contact Kathy to let her know that there will be women from our group coming to help on Monday, September 22nd at 9:00. Linda Saxton is the lead from ZWM.


Northeast Neighborhood Outreach Center (formerly GUM)


A thank you was read from Diane Argauer, the Executive Director for the office supplies we took to them and especially for the ink cartridge.


We then discussed their Tuesday evening meal program, which is served at 4:00 and held at 121 Driving Park – the Grace UMC.  They rely on different churches to volunteer for these meals and it was decided to commit to 4 (every third month) for the next year.  The dates selected at this time are:  December 9th, March 10th, June 9th, and September 8th.  Sharon will contact Diane to see if those dates are ok.


Other Business


A.  Box of School Packs:  Fay discovered a box of school packs in her garage that the women had put together a few years ago.  They are now here at church.  It was decided to have Kim Comeau take them to the WCRM/Come-Unity Center when she delivers the food.


B. Special Meeting for Turkey Dinner:  A special meeting to discuss the details of the turkey dinner will be held Monday, September 22nd, 7:00 at church.


C.  Turkey Dinner:  (1) Kathy handed out the schedule for this year’s dinner; (2) Cynthia is giving the letter to Todd to condense to one page, with no color; and (3) it was decided to have mason jars on each table for mission donations with a label on 2 sides mentioning the Red Bird Mission in Kentucky and the Come-Unity Center in Williamson.  Jane offered to do the labels (Sharon will give her the script) and Kim Valone and Kim Comeau will decorate with ribbon.


Next Meeting


Monday, November 17th

At Church

7:00 PM

Devotions and Prayer:  Kim V.