Eulogy for Harold Granger


26 January 2019

Grace and peace to you, beloved.


We gather this day

To give praise and thanksgiving to God

For the life of Harold.

We gather

To extend to one another our support during this time of mourning.

We gather

To apply the balm of Gilead to our wounds

That the hand of God

Might touch and bring healing to our broken hearts.


I approach this eulogy for Harold with sadness, joy, and calm assurance.


It is with sad reluctance that we say goodbye

To a faithful husband, loving father, good friend, and a gentle soul.

I’m going to miss you;

We’re going to miss you, dear friend.


I am sad that Harold didn’t have more than one opportunity,

When I’d pick him up for lunch with the men of Zion,

To enjoy the easier access of my new car.

I will deeply miss our discussions about the books we are reading,

And what makes their content so engaging.

(Don’t worry, Harold. I’ll finish Michelle Obama’s book “Becoming” for you)


I am sad that Harold was one of the few people

I was able to talk with about politics, policy, and the electorate;

Without fear of offending or angering him.

My sadness wonders, “Who will take his place?”


I am sad that Harold’s keen scientific mind and love for technology

Will be absent from our discussions.

I have been sad, as I know many of you have been sad, too,

To see Harold’s health in decline.

I am sad that Harold’s absence will be a great loss of

A great man of faith, who loved the Lord and loved his neighbor.


It is with a joyful heart

That I know Harold inspired countless others

To carry on his example to this generation

And generations to follow.

His passion for excellence in engineering

And his love for technological improvement

Will burn long and bright in my life

And in the lives of many others.


His calm, logical approach

to the challenges, trials, and troubles of this world

Will serve as an example of healthy debate, critical thinking,

and the ability to make change when necessary.



Harold’s love of reading gives me joy

whenever I crack open a new book,

And I hope the first thing you do when you return home

Is to open a book of your choice and start reading, too.

It will make you happy.


It is with joy that I got to experience Harold’s love,

His love of Nancy, son and daughters, grandchildren, family

His love of his friends and church family,

And his love of those who are in need

and those who are the least fortunate.

I am so happy that Harold has given us a lasting example

Of generosity, and how simple, kind, acts and gifts

can change the world.


I am happy that I had the privilege to be with Harold and his family at the end,

To share the 23rd Psalm,

to anoint him with the oil of healing,

and to lift him up to God in prayer.

I am happy that Harold has faced his final trial

And he now rests in peace.

I am overjoyed that Harold brought happiness into your life and mine.


It is with a calm assurance I know

That Harold’s faith was deeply rooted in Jesus Christ.

From his earliest of days until his final breath

Harold believed and profoundly knew

That Jesus claimed him,

Provided the example for a life of righteousness,

Forgave his sins and the sins of the world,

And has now saved him into eternal life.


We stand assured that Harold has been saved

Solely by the grace of God through Harold’s faith,

Which led to his acts of kindness, outreach, and love.


At the end of the day

I am deeply thankful to God

For sharing Harold with me over these past many years.

I am thankful for the sadness that I feel with his death.

I am thankful for the joy that I feel in his life.

I am thankful for the assurance of faith I possess in his life, death, and eternal life.

My prayer for you?

Is that you share this thankfulness, too.