A Promise of Resurrection: Inez Nettie Welker Ikewood

April 15, 1928 – January 20, 2015

January 22, 2015 Murphy Funeral Home, Macedon



This evening we have gathered,

As family, as friends, and as a church family

To return to God our praise and thanksgiving

For sharing Inez with us,

For placing her in our lives,

For, now, welcoming her home into our Lord’s heavenly kingdom.


As I have thought about Inez,

Reflected upon her life,

And prayed for Roy, Paul, Dawyne, and all of Inez’s family

(especially her beloved grand and great grandchildren)

Three things come to mind.


There were times in Inez’s life where she leaned back,

Working her way through some of life’s most difficult trials.

The tragic death of Marty was never more than a thought away.

Her struggle with health concern

-  dealing with major medical issues -  

appeared to be never ending.

Her transition into a nursing home was difficult.

She and Roy struggled for everything they achieved;

For nothing came easy.

During many circumstances,

Inez lived life on her heels,

leaning back,

depending on faith in God

and the love of her family

to keep her from falling flat on her back.

Today, let us pause to say thank you to God,

For walking with Inez all her days,

Especially those times of trouble, trial, and tribulation,

When she had no other choice than to lean back.


There were times in Inez’s life where she was leaning forward,

When life was bright, beautiful, and just waiting to be embraced!

When it came to raising a family,

she leaned into it with all her effort.

She gave it all for her sons, and their families,

- Especially her grandchildren.

She babysat children to help out other parents.

She welcomed neighbors to the store.

She enjoyed the gathering of those who stopped by

To pick up the morning paper.

She became the unofficial maternal mayor of West Walworth.

Inez devoted great efforts to grow friendships.

Those friendships bore fruit and blessings, in spades.

Today, let us pause to thank God,

For filling Inez with such love

That enabled her to lean forward in her life,

To embrace life with vitality and goodness.



Lastly, I’ve observed occasions when Inez was facing life

Face up, looking to God.  

She didn’t talk to many people (that I’m aware of)

About her mortality.

But she did talk to me.

Like John who wrote in Revelations

I can see Inez looking up to see the new heaven and new earth,

A new Jerusalem coming,

Where all – the living and the dead –

Are welcomed home to abide eternally with God.

Inez’s day has come!

She is at home with Marty and Roy.

She is at peace and in perfect love of her Savior,

Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Suffering is past,

Sins have been forgiven and forgotten,

And by the love that only a God can have for His children,

Inez has come home.

Let us praise God

That His glory shines

And Inez has been welcomed into our Savior’s glory.


Leaning back, leaning forward, and looking up;

Thank you Inez for leading by example

For living by faith

For embracing all of life

And squeezing it all

With love.