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Zion's Daily Prayers: WHO? WHAT? WOW! & WITNESS!





WHO? For whom is your greatest concern? - first name only, please. Consider those who are sick, injured, mourning, or struggling with life.

Alexandra, Samantha, Allan, Mary, AJ, Ayden, Angela, Colleen, Alex, Jean, Bill, Ryan, Michael, Mark, Kathy,

Ron, Barb, Lydia, Susan, Andy, Emily, Ron, Kip and family, Barb, Brenda, Ron, Tracy, John, Eric, Tom, Sue, Dick, Elaine, Donnie, Pat, Ray, Huck, Pat, Mary,

Tom, Abby, Lilly, Ryan, Jane, Wesley, Amy, Our Young Adults, Waverly, Ryan, Pam, Renee, David, Barbara, Jane, Beth, Eileen, Jacob, Justin, Maren, Larry, Doc, Cathy, Abby, Kathy, Amy, Shelly, Jeremy, Barnie, Angel, Betty, Bob, Dave, Jean, David, Josh, Jerry, Richard, Gail, Terry, Mike, Lisa, Lynn, Hunter, Annie, Angela

Families: Baby born addicted, Mom in rehab, Raymond and his family

[Please add your own ...]

(Lord, in your mercy. Hear our prayer.)


WHAT? What events, near and far, raise your greatest concerns?

Community Service workers and their safety.

Change in weather.

Safe holiday travel.

Puerto Rico, Gulf Coast, Caribbean disaster relief.

North Korea and US relationship. 

[Please add your own ...]

(Lord, in your mercy. Hear our prayer.)




WOW! I give God thanks for ...

WITNESS! What are signs of God at work in your life? Consider evidence of the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. - Galatians 5:22-23

Quilts being sold in Schoen Place! 

Goddard family Thanksgiving!

Fall clean-up and Christmas decorations

Emily has an internship and it is going well!

A wonderful women's retreat, 83 in attendance!

Tom and Peter coming home for dinner

Ginny's family gathering

Teams in and out of Guatemala safely!

[Please add your own ...]


Ongoing Prayers


(Please forward to Pastor Todd, Pastor Lida, or our Lay Leader, Sharon Boyd, any changes to our ongoing prayer lists. Contact information is on the front cover of the bulletin. Thank you!)

Sons & Daughters in the Military and First Responders

Mavis, Sean, Brian, Nathan, John, Dustin, Dana, Louie, Mario.

Our shut-ins and home bound

Bob Polis, Grace Ruth (Newark Manor)

Our Friends and Partners in Mission and Ministry

Friends finding comfort in our quilts, Williamson Come-Unity Center, Those served by the Victim Resource Center of the Finger Lakes, Our Guatemala friends, Our Telica friends, Our missionary family: The Satres, serving in Cameroon. Our Bishop, Mark Webb. Our District Superintendent, Vonda Fossitt.



Can we pray for you?

Can we pray for you?

Zion hosts a 24 Hour Prayer Line: (315) 986-0154

Start the PRAYER CHAIN: Jana Hodgkins (585) 377.0473 or Sharon Boyd (315) 524.9047

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